Custom Gun Belts

Our custom gun belts are made with two 1.5” layers of full grain veg-tanned leather. They are cut, glued and stitched for optimal resistance to sagging and twisting. Our gun-belts are all made from scratch in-house. The edges are sanded, burnished, then coated with a protective layer of Montana beeswax, before being sealed entirely with a clear acrylic finish. The belt-tip is shaped to be easily fed through a belt tunnel on a holster. In addition to having your choice of color for leather and thread, you also can choose between three colors for a buckle: black, nickel, or brass.

Since accurate sizing is essential, please use an exact measurement of your waist, over your pants, where you’d like your pants to ride. This measurement will be the center hole of 7 holes, which are one inch apart from each other. Common pant-size and common belt-size is not the same thing, and are not systems of measurement which I trust. Belt orders are NOT refundable for sizing issues. If your waist measurement has changed from the time of order, please contact us with an email to notify us of the change!

Bitterroot Gunleather Gun Belts will not stretch, so no need to buy it short, expecting it to do so. Because a leather gun-belt should never be tightly rolled, shipping in a medium sized box is required.

$100 up to 55” waist measurement.