Order Sheet

If you'd like to order a CUSTOM OWB HOLSTER, please fill out the form below. We'll look over your order, contact you if we have questions, and send you the total amount. Once you approve it, we'll start work on the holster.

What holster would you like?

What firearm is this holster for?

If you do not see your firearm listed above, please enter it here.

What color leather do you want for the holster body?

What color leather do you want for the holster reinforcement?

What type of finish would you like, if any?
NoneCharredSplatter DotVenom

What color thread would you like?


Cant Angle
Standard (10 degrees)Heavy/FBI (20 degrees)Vertical (0 degrees)

What size belt loops do you need?

Do you want Level II retention (thumb strap)?

Additional Requests for custom stamping work or other details. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot fulfill all requests. We will contact you after we receive your order if there is a question.

Please submit a photo of the gun we are making a holster for. DO NOT submit it in its current holster. Maximum photo resolution 1200px. (You can use PicResize.com if you need to resize your photo to fit.)

When you hit Submit, your order will be submitted. We will contact you with any questions or issues. Once we've accepted the work, we'll send you an estimate with the total cost. We will not begin work until you've approved the price.