Nemesis Competition Holster A0007


Nemesis Competition Holster A0007

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The Nemesis Competition Holster is designed specifically for range use, and is built following the parameters of USPSA Single Stack Division holster regulations. The Nemesis Competition Holster features a smooth lined interior. It is designed with a slight rearward cant for a more natural grip angle and faster presentation. The holster is cut slightly below the top of the chamber for a fast presentation while maintaining holster balance and stability.  The holster does not pull the grip into the body, allowing the user to get a comfortable grip without twisting the shoulder, elbow or wrist. A medium-low ride height allows an aggressive draw without worry of the holster tilting or rocking on the belt.

Retention on the Nemesis Competition Holster is minimal, for the sake of a smooth, fast draw. A adjustable retention screw is present at the muzzle of the holster, focusing pressure at the dustcover rather than the trigger area and frame. Still, this retention point is passive friction retention, and should not be used in EDC or daily carry.  The weight of the gun rests entirely on a single post and screw wrapped with a soft nylon spacer, and this hardware is secured with thread lock prior to shipping. Hardware should always be inspected for security before use.

Belt tunnels are designed to fit snug on a 1/4″ thick, 1-1/2″ competition belt. Each Nemesis Competition Holster in this series is numbered and has its own aesthetic characteristics.

A-series Nemesis Competition Holsters are designed specifically for use with full size (5″ barrel) Government 1911. Single Stack division does allow a partial rail and the A-Series will accomodate USPSA legal rail length for single stack division. This does not include full length rails.

Nemesis Competition Holater A0007 features a full overlay of black authentic shark skin. It is stitched with copper thread and has a natural vegtanned cowhide internal layer. In addition to being waterproof, shark skin has a natural deep-wrinkly texture and is incredibly scratch resistant.

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