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Right Hand Nemesis Competition Holster and magazine carrier for CZ Custom A0-1LD.

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Built specifically for the CZ Custom A01-LD. This Nemesis Competition Holster and magazine carrier (P10 full size) is dyed with charred marbled red exterior with a dusting of mahogany to deepen the red. The interior is charred natural Vegtan. Magazine carrier is included.

The Nemesis Competition Holster is intended for use in USPSA competition, and general range use. This holster is a low – medium low ride height, built to ride on a standard 1.5″ competition belt. Adjustable retention on the dustcover makes it safer to carry between stages whilst picking up brass. A reverse 6 degree cant brings the grip to a more natural angle for a more comfortable draw, and is cut half way down the chamber for fast presentation on target. New Standard Lining is standard on all Nemesis Competition Holsters to provide a smooth draw, easier maintenance and cleaning, and longer potential lifetime of rigidity. Nemesis Competition Holster is legal for use in USPSA production and Carry Optics divisions. 

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