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NemesisCompetitionHolster for CZ Custom A01-LD



The A01-LD by CZ Custom Shop is quickly becoming the most noticed handgun in the custom competition market. Pushing the boundaries of size and weight parameters with a hammer forged monolithic style forward-heavy frame, 4140 bar stock slide fitted with a stainless steel match-grade bull barrel, and the years of experience and CZechnology from CZ Customs, all the gun needs now is an incredible holster! That’s where I stepped in. 

This NemesisCompetitionHolster is an eye-catcher of holster simplicity and yet a bold exotic show-stopper. Internally, this USPSA-legal holster is veg-tanned smooth American steer, dyed in pooled orange and black splatter-dot. The external layer is genuine shark skin, in a pumpkin finish, orange in color with brown and black in the natural texture of the material.  It is stitched with orange bonded nylon #270 thread.

This right-hand-draw holster is designed with a 8 degree REARWARD cant, as to provide a flatter grip for a natural draw, while also allowing the muzzle to be forward towards the target upon leaving the holster. The adjustable retention knob at the lower portion of the holster is out of the drawing hand’s way, and is located there to provide just enough grab on the dustcover to allow safe bending and leaning to help pick up brass.  The NemesisCompetitionHolster is designed to accomodate slide-mounted optics. It will not work with frame mounted optics or frame-mounted or slide stop thumb rests. This holster is designed to securely ride on a 1.5” competition belt.

This holster is NOT designed with every-day-carry in mind. It is NOT a concealment holster and it is NOT IDPA legal. NemesisCompetitionHolster is specifically designed for USPSA and general range use. It is recommended that all hardware is inspected for security prior to each use.

Now you and your A01-LD can truly STEEL the show!  Please feel free to contact Bitterroot Gunleather prior to purchase with any questions about this holster and it’s compatibility or features!

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