BGL Updates


The website overhaul is coming along nicely, and we expect to launch on January 1 as predicted. You can still order by phone, but soon you’ll be able to order right from the website. Enjoy the holidays and we’ll see you on New Year’s Day!



Don’t worry, you can still order products. We are still taking orders; just call 406-369-8164 to order. Keep in mind there’s currently a 20-week lead time on all new orders.

We’re doing some updates and putting in some new functionality to the website in the meantime. That means a better experience for you, the customer — including the ability to peruse the catalog and order online! The website will be back on 1 January 2019.

If you’ve already ordered a holster, rest assured that I’m still at work on it. If you’d like to be updated when things go live, sign up below!