Introducing the Artist Series

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what’s coming in 2019 for Bitterroot Gunleather, both as a company and on the new website.

Certain holsters will be available for direct purchase on the site. These will include ready-made holsters of my own choice. They will be random, and basically a piece of “art” as many have called it, that will be individually produced, and individually priced. Some will be clean, simple. But most will be something off the wall that I just like doing. They will be model specific, and I’ll include the exact model for which they were designed in the description.

I never liked being called an “artist”, but you guys kept saying it, so what the heck. I’m calling them the “Artist Series”. Work from my heart, time from my life spent creating something just for one purpose- making something I consider to be beautiful, while being functional. I suppose that’s art, so let’s do it. I’ll be able to do this without harming my lead time because of two reasons: I’ll be chipping away at them at the end of my work-day, and I’ll be freeing up a lot of time by no longer accepting orders through text.

The order process is changing significantly. The bulk of my orders are taken personally through a text conversation. I need my hands for work, so that’s out in 2019. The website will have a very detailed order form, which will have required fields in order to submit a custom order request. There will be a box to enter additional specific requests for stamping and the such. Since the kind of custom I create really CAN’T be handled through a website, the custom request will be emailed to me. This way, I can decide if it’s something that can be done as you imagine, and I’ll be able to give an exact cost for your customs, followed by the detailed PayPal invoice being emailed to you as it’s been from the beginning. I’m not going to spend a week reinventing the wheel, or trying to make something that will take days or weeks of research and development, so I’m sticking to what I know for ‘19. This means saying ‘no’. This will help me get caught back up with my orders!

We will be slowly evolving the site, so basic orders with minimal customizations can be efficiently ordered through the site. So, if you want a Scavenger for your specific firearm, one color for main, one color for RP, one color for thread, with standard cant, and fitted to your belt… you’ll be able to order it directly from the site!

Yep, prices are going up. Since Bitterroot Gunleather’s fruition, all holsters and mag carriers have primarily been from the same thickness of leather. This put a lot of limitations on my designs and their desired functions. Not any more. Bitterroot Gunleather is buying leather in multiple thicknesses, or “weights”, as we call it in the biz. There is no reason for a Summit IWB for a P365 or a mag carrier to be as thick as a Scavenger for a full rail 1911. So, we are investing in multiple weights of leather, which is more expensive. Bitterroot Gunleather continues to operate by the motto, “A Better Holster, Every Holster”, and this will be our next step taken to abide by that commitment to our customers.

If you want to stay on top of new products, models, specials, and one-of-a-kind Artist’s Series holsters ready to ship, you can subscribe to our newsletter. You won’t want to miss a thing!

There’s more, but I gotta get back to work!

So exciting!!!!

2 Replies to “Introducing the Artist Series”

  1. Kirk E Sybrandt says:

    Beautiful holsters! I want one for my Glock 43 for starters. I’m just down the valley from you in Florence. Are you too busy for me to stop by and browse?

    1. Caleb says:

      Thank you! I work out of home and don’t keep an inventory. Everything I make is custom and gets shipped out to its forever home 🙂


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